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Cover des Romans "Wahrheit in Gefahr" Truth in Danger – Wahrheit in Gefahr
Novel, November 2014. German. 362 pages
ISBN 978-3-944329-14-7
After many years, Alithea returns upset to the Aegean Sea. Why did her uncle have to leave the house in the summer resort just to her in his will? Did he know how much she had loved Philippos? Just the thought of Philippos hurt.
In the summer resort, Alithea meets a friend from the past. The two women discover irregularities in the summer resort. Nobody does something. Nobody tells the truth. Alithea and Elli are searching for a way to fight back. Jannis is standing silently and unbudgingly at the sea shore and sees everything. Meanwhile, all of Greece is drowning ever deeper in debt and chaos. Unexpectedly, the paradise-like summer life at the sea turns out to be a growing danger.
Cover des Romans "Die gelbe Perlenkette" The yellow Pearls– Die gelbe Perlenkette
Novel, September 2011. German. 228 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-035205-8
Adeline is searching for fortune and happiness in Berlin’s sparkling world. A barrier is in her way. She doesn’t speak the German language. Fritz jumps into her life although she didn’t open him her door. Marrying him seems to her to be the best solution. But suddenly, this marriage turns out to be a dangerous mantrap. Confused and anxiously, she is searching for a way out.
A piece of contemporary history, exciting truths.
Cover des Romans "Schatten im Apfel" von Tatin Giannaro Shadow in the Apple – Schatten im Apfel
Novel, October 2010. German. 617 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-031464-3
Katris is like in a wonderland at Columbia University. She lives the loud and vibrant world of New York. Fights for housing and jobs, and intrigues. Katris is searching for love. Will she find the man with the green eyes? Suddenly, the revelation of secrets from the past shakes Katris and everything in her life to the very foundations.
Read a document of the years 2000 – 2002, a piece of contemporary history, exciting truths.
Cover des Romans "Grüne Tränen" von Tatin Giannaro - vorne Dreams, Green Tears, and Love – Träume, grüne Tränen, Liebe
Novel, July 2009. German. 281 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-027583-8
It’s love at first sight. An encounter of destiny. George is surrounded by many women. Alisia is married. She feels locked in a cage. Wild dreams make her desperate. Champagne flows, and George is celebrating his birthday at the Costa del Sol. The women’s fight for George culminates.
Tatin Giannaro describes openly and relentlessly the turbulent story of a young woman who doesn’t give up hope to get to her big love. Read a document of the nineteen seventies in Germany, a piece of contemporary history, exciting truths.


You can download Foreign rights Tatin Giannaro June 2016 as pdf file (53 KB).


About the author
Tatin Giannaro writes exciting truths in stories from life. She writes about emotions and desires of humans, about intrigues, jealousy, trust, the fight for love, and happiness, about universal human values. She is inspired by the Greek atmosphere and all her novels begin at the wonderful Aegean Sea. Tatin Giannaro graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and a MBA from Columbia University in New York. She has worked in industry and consulting, has travelled the world and speaks five languages. Her readers are important to her.

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